Manufactured by Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd.


2) One of the largest producers of raw materials

In addition, India has for decades been a manufacturer of pharmaceutical raw materials (active pharmaceutical ingredients), which in turn are contained in many medicines original. So if German pharmaceutical manufacturers warn against drugs produced in India, which is in the highest degree double standards, because so many of their "safe" brand-name drugs for decades contain ingredients produced in India.

3) One of the largest pharmaceutical industries in the world

India is now the pharmaceutical market with the highest growth rates. In terms of sales, the Indian pharmaceutical companies are much smaller than the competition, thus we shall see, however, how much are significantly cheaper Indian medicines. Judging by the pure production lot of Indian companies are already world in third place.

4) The AIDS Epedimie and the Indian pharmaceutical industry

For the treatment of AIDS are necessary patented, three different drugs. The annual cost is $ 12, 000, and more. The Indian pharmaceutical company Cipla has become known worldwide through a generic that all three drugs combined and is available annually for $ 300th Meanwhile, Cipla is the world's largest producer of AIDS drugs and about 40% of all AIDS patients in the world to take products from Cipla.

5) A list of major Indian pharmaceutical companies

1 Ranbaxy Laboratories

Ranbaxy is a complete supplier and manufactures a wide range of qualitative and cheap medicines. Ranbaxy also operates its own research and develop new drugs. He is one of the 10 largest generics producer in the world and is represented in 23 of the 25 most important pharmaceutical markets.

2 Cipla

Cipla is the second largest Indian pharmaceutical company and, as mentioned above, best known for his production of generic drugs for the treatment of AIDS. Meanwhile, the global market share by Cipla AIDS medicines is about 40%.

3 Dr Reddy's Laboratories

Dr. Reddy's Laboratories was founded in 1984 by the scientist Dr. Anji Reddy. He holds several licenses German pharmaceutical companies for the production. In 2006 he bought the Augsburg generic group "beta ratiopharm Arzneimittel GmbH" for 480 million euros.

4 Sun Pharmaceuticals

1983 Sun Pharmaceuticals was still a startup with just 5 drugs. Today Sun Pharma manufactures the complete range of medicines and is a leading manufacturer of raw materials (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, API). Sun Pharma has also bought several pharmaceutical companies worldwide, including in the U.S. and Europe.

5 Piramal Healthcare Ltd..

Piramal Healthcare is represented in all major sectors. Just recently bought the Chemical division of Piramal Healthcare Ltd. for about $ 3.2 billion Abbot Laboratories (USA).

6 Cadila Healthcare Ltd..

Cadila healtcare is the fifth largest pharmaceutical company in India. He also develops its own medications, such as the could be halved the cost of a drug treatment for TB. In addition, the Group also produces herbal products, skin care products and some other OTC agents.

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    Dec 10, 2007 by W.Duckee | Posted in Chemistry

    I have heard that RANBAXY is the parent company of RANKEM. I would like to know whether RANKEM chemicals is famous in India or not and how about their quality and price?

    • Rankem is not up to the mark ,depends on the process you can choose the grade in india
      1.Sigma aldrich,Fluka,Lancaster
      3.Qualigens,Sd Fine,Rankem etc

      The price of Rankem will be cheap when compared to grade 1 and 2 it will be comparable with grade 3 at the same time quality also matters.I dont know your pupose,If are using for research better use merck.