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Dear friends,

Welcome to our March newsletter. In the first month of spring continue our Super Offer: "By placing an order via wire transfer or Western Union will receive a free pills blister and also for orders over 150 euros offer another blister absolutely FREE!"

We have for sale a new Produco CT-7 Sildenafil Sildigra Chewable (chewable) 100mg . Silagra is a drug used to treat erectile dysfunction. This medicine works in the body to relax the muscles of the penis, allowing blood flow is greater. This allows either powerful erection that lasts longer. The effects last for four hours in your body, so you can enjoy strong erections during this time, enjoying prolonged sex, without having to worry about impotence. Sildigra Chewable is an equivalent of Viagra because it contains the same active ingredient - sildenafil citrate. This version may be appealing to chew customers, particularly those who can not swallow tablets. We also have and other drugs or jelly chewable format:

- Kamagra (Generic Viagra) Chewable 100mg ;

- Kamagra Oral Jelly 100 mg ;

- Generic Viagra Oral Jelly ;

- Apcalis Jelly (Generic Cialis) 20 mg .

In February, the competition for the "Best Sellers" was won by the drug: Cialis for Women (Femalefil) 10 mg. FEMALEFIL (Women Tadalafil) is a new compound that works wonders with women's sexual appetite. Compared with female Viagra , Cialis effect lasts for women, about 48 hours, increasing the levels of testosterone in the blood, increases libido in women, sexual drive increases, causing multiple orgasms.

Femalefil (tadalafil for women) is effective in women with a hysterectomy and those with menopause before 50 years.

These are the main information about the activity of our site in February.

Receive our best regards.

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Try kamagra gold 100 mgs

2009-07-20 21:57:15 by tim55t

Viagra doesnt work for me either . after tryng viagra, cialis. levitral all did not work except kamagra gold 100 mgs from india. You can buy it at for 1.50/ tablet I take 180 mgs much less side effects then viagra, take it on empty stomach with lots of water in 45-1 hr to work. but you will have to have it sent to a mail forwarding address in buffalo and pick it up there. As is very difficult to get any imitation viagra through customs by mail, but it works very well.

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