Libido Increase Tablets For Men

Solaray has a new formula, called Solaray Sex Up , to promote herbal libido traditionally used in Brazil as an aphrodisiac Catuaba and Muira Puama, combined with Andean Maca and Tribulus a formula that is suitable for use in men and women .


It is a plant based formula traditionally used to help increase the feeling of well-being and libido. Suitable for him and her.


  • It is a vigorous growing small tree yellow flowers and orange with a yellow oval shaped fruit that grows in small jungle of northern Brazil.
  • Bark is used and the principles that provides include: alkaloids, tannins, aromatic oils, resins, phytosterols, cyclolignans, sesquiterpenes and bioflavonoids.
  • It belongs to the same family as cocaine but no alkaloids present in it.
  • The aphrodisiac Catuaba is the most famous in Brazil and has a long history of use, particularly to promote erection, memory and nervous system.
  • The aphrodisiac of Catuaba were discovered by the Tupi Indians in Brazil and his reputation has continued to expand since then.
Solaray sex up

Muira Puama

  • Is a shrub that can grow up to 5 meters and produces small white flowers more fragrant and is native to the Brazilian Amazon.
  • Can be used in cases of depression by its effect nervous system stimulants.
  • In women is used to relieve the discomfort associated with menopause and in case of cramps during menstruation.
  • It has a mild stimulant effect which produces a feeling of well-being in very high doses can lead to overstimulation causing sleep disturbances.
  • However, it is best known for its effect in case of erectile dysfunction and impotence cases.
  • Muira puama can be combined with other plants such as Catuaba Damina or to enhance their efecos.


  • It is an annual herbaceous plant native to the Central Andes of Peru, Maca was a very valuable food for the Incas, not only for its nutritional value, but for its medicinal use especially as energizing, aphrodisiac and fertility enhancer.
  • The part used is the root that is edible, tuberous, variable in size and color depending on the plant. Among the actions confirmed in animals or humans include increased fertility and improving sexual activity.
  • One human study evaluated 12 weeks the sex of 57 men treated with Maca. The authors concluded that there was an improvement of sexual desire at 12 weeks of treatment.


  • Tribulus terrestris has been used for decades to treat sexual problems in both men and women. Its effectiveness has been studied in animals and in humans for its ability to: stimulate spermatogenesis and strengthen the quality and mobility of sperm.
  • Increase libido and sexual activity.
  • Increase testosterone levels in men and women without altering the hormonal balance.
  • Normalize ovulation in women.
  • Decrease relationships with menopause symptoms.
  • Tribulus terrestris is also a tonic restoring energy and helping to improve strength and physical performance.

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Herbal Male Stimulants????My experience & yours?

2008-01-18 10:23:39 by Savinelli

So you know I am not a spammer, I am not going to post the name of the product I used. But I have to share my experience at least...
I went to the Adult Video Network convention (AVN or aka porn convention) here in Las Vegas last week. There was a company selling samples of an herbal male stimulant that they referred to as the herbal Cialis.
Now, I am 30 and I have never really had to take Viagra or Cialis or any other type of stimulant. However, thats not to say I wouldn't like to. We all know as men age, recovery time increases and our performance isn't what it used to be

Am I the only person who is fed up

2003-11-09 15:31:35 by FuddyDuddyMe

With all the Viagra commercials on TV ? Just saw a new one about 'increasing your sexual arousal' Excuse me but it is 6:30 PM in the East and our grandchildren are watching TV at this time. Then we have to see the Herbal Essence one with the 'orgasmic' actress. Is this really necessary? Anyone else annoyed by this stuff?

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